Below: Photo of opened black-and-white book. Digital imaging (pixels at this resolution)
fails to convey the sharp crispness of the printed text. The reflected glare doesn't help, either.
It is also a it to see it full size - and a little crisper.
324 pages; professionally printed directly from PDF book; glossy cover; 8.5x11 inches.
Nice black legible print. Pages are cut and bound nicely so everything lines up and feels well done.
The black glossy cover is glued securely so sections of the book don't have a problem breaking loose I'm sure we've all experienced occasionally over the years.
I've been very pleased with my printer, and I've never had any problems with them.
This hard copy AOR is exactly the same as the
PDF copy you downloaded,
but it's a
real book, and a quality one that will last and serve you well.
God bless you, comrade.
The Age of Reason is a free Bible study/Christian
history that shows how and why modern
Christianity became apostate.
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