This 6-page download of
The Lunar Clock:
Telling Time by the Moon
without Charts
is in PDF format and is only .5 mb.
It is yours to use as you wish.
Click moon to download.  
The Age of Reason is a free Bible study/Christian
history that shows how and why modern
Christianity became apostate.

1. Click moon at right. Download will begin and there will probably be a short time delay while the file transfers to your computer.

2. When the document appears on your screen, over at the top left click on the FILE menu, hover your cursor over SAVE AS, and click on PDF.

NOTE: If the File menu isn't there, hover your cursor near the bottom of the page. A toolbar will appear. Click the leftmost icon
to begin the SAVE process. Or click the rightmost icon to make the normal toolbar appear at the top of the document.

3. A Save dialog box will appear with a destination folder on your computer designated. Navigate to another folder/location if you prefer. At the
bottom of the dialog box make sure it's being saved as a PDF file, and click on the SAVE button.

4. You're done, and the lunar lesson will be in whatever folder you selected.
Note: If you came here via your
search engine and don't already
know about The Lunar Clock,
you may click
HERE to go to the
Moon page. It has a link to bring
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