This is Warrior’s Country. Accordingly, welcome all ye who have obediently mastered
the Sword and doctrine, and all ye who are actively involved in Bible study in order to
become proper Christian warriors. But be advised that parade-ground “Christian soldiers”
will not like Warrior’s Country; there are no politically-correct ear ticklers and padded pews here.

Make-believe soldiers, for example, turn and run when they encounter
undeniable truths such as this quote:
“Many Christians pretend to “correct” their Bible versions by consulting Greek and Hebrew dictionaries.
I say
pretend because even the most respected theologians and language experts have been unable,
after using more sophisticated methods for well over a century, to produce an uncorrupt modern Bible version
that doesn’t need constant “correcting” by rank amateurs who pretend they’re more capable than the experts.”

The quote is from chapter D22, The King James Bible Version Controversy (click  LINK),
which explains
why the Bible version controversy always revolves around the KJV
never around any of the modern Bible versions such as the NAS and NIV.

A quick example shows why:
They say David didn't kill Goliath!
NAS 2 Samuel 21:19:  There was war...and Elhanan...killed Goliath.
NIV 2 Samuel 21:19:  In another battle...Elhanan...killed Goliath.

Why then does everybody know that David killed Goliath?
everybody knows the modern versions are error-filled corruptions,
only the KJV makes it clear that David killed Goliath...
Elhanan killed Goliath's brother.

corrupt modern versions have fooled many Christians
into thinking the inspired, inerrant word of God does not exist in
any Bible version.
That's why so many Christians are so appallingly ignorant:
they no longer think “The Bible” actually
is  The Bible!

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Let them that have ears to hear, hear.
And let them that