“The issue in the Bible is neither God nor the existence of God. The issue is authority.
We learn about authority from the word of God. People who get their “beliefs” from sources
other than the inerrant literal word of God have all kinds of different gods they call “Jesus.”
That’s why the real Jesus Christ exalts His word even above His name (Ps 138:2);
He and His living word are indistinguishable and inseparable, which is why His Book
says the same things about the Word of God as it does about the word of God.
Therefore, the key to true Christianity is not “the Lord Jesus Christ” (because
there are many false Christs among us); the key to true Christianity is that which He
exalts above His name – His Authorized 1611 King James/Jacob (Ps 24:6) Bible –
because there is only one inerrant Bible manuscript on earth with the authority to describe
and reveal the true Christ. That inerrant Bible is His inspired Sword, and its inerrancy is its
own proof that the KJV is the inspired word of God with His authority behind it, which is
absolute authority – and to deny that is to subvert His authority and rebel against Him.
The KJV’s inerrancy also emphasizes the importance of interpreting it literally, which will
lead us in the paths of righteousness and rightly-divided doctrine for His name’s sake.
And that miraculously-
unique inerrancy gives us the confidence to admonish our
brethren who are unintentionally undermining faith in God and the Christian religion
by using corrupt Bible versions.”
(Excerpt from War College Trumpet W4.)