Below the wallpapers is an example of a modern scholar trying to convince you that the radical changes
made to Christianity and its doctrines over the centuries by Reason-wielding theologians
good because those radical changes resulted in “progress” in Western civilization.
His “proof” is that
progress is good...and since Reason-based theology
was a major cause of that progress, Reason itself must be good...
which means the radical changes to Christian doctrine can also be called “progress”!
These radical doctrinal changes are a major reason Christians have lost interest in learning the Bible;
they no longer think the word of God means what it actually says!

For those of you who are naive and therefore may think some of the things on this web site are wrong,
and who may doubt that Christianity and its doctrines have been
radically changed
ever since Christian theologians used
Reason to displace Bible-based faith, you'll be interested in the below
Introduction to a book published 6 years after this site's
The Age of Reason. The author (below) is
attempting to
defend theology's use of the Reason that came from Greek philosophy, and he will openly and
plainly say things like,
“reason and logic” [not the Bible] are “the primary guide to religious truth.”
Yes, theologians think Reason is good, and the progress that has resulted from it is their proof.
Read the well-researched, well-written Introduction below for yourself.

While we've all been sleeping, theologians have been
very busy. Let them that have ears that hear, hear.
(I have highlighted and underlined some text below for emphasis and for your benefit.)
Amos 3:8
The info about theology below should pique your interest and bother you...
but also think about the fact that our sacrificial Lamb on the cross was, the night before,
a strong, noble, humble, selfless, and loving Lion of underappreciated and heroic proportions.
Goliath and the King Kong Version                 Why all the rabbits?