This straight-talking, plainly-worded SWORDBEARER BIBLE STUDY includes these features:
Free complete Bible Study.
Download links for Bible study
AOR + KJV)  or for  KJV only
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The Age of Reason trains dedicated warriors
of the King of kings by helping them
and understand His Instruction Manual.
How to use QUIKLINKS, CHAPTERVU and other features.

The following examples are quick overviews to illustrate the PDF Bible study's convenience features.
The full instructions (minus the pictures) are included in your downloaded Bible study...and in the KJV only.

Note: Mindful of the fact that many people detest a lot of reading on computers,
QuikLinks were created with the Bible Study
maximized on the screen (which makes the text
larger because about half of a page is showing). Therefore when you use this
Bible study it's not necessary to have an entire page (top to bottom) visible on your monitor;
you may expand the page (side to side) until you're comfortable with the text size.
  • The Age of Reason (324-pages) and the King James Bible.
  • AOR's Scripture references are QuikLinked directly to their respective verses in the Bible (over 4,000 QuikLinks).
  • All 1,189 chapters in the Bible can be instantaneously accessed with the exclusive ChapterVu feature.
  • Each time you use QuikLinks or ChapterVu you can return directly to your original spot with a single click.
  • The text of both books is fully searchable with concordance-like results. Click on any result to go directly to that text.
  • The bookmarks to all 50 chapters in AOR and all 66 books in the KJV are in conveniently-collapsible sections.
  • Everything is covered: Bible doctrine, Christian world history, modern apostasy, and the Christian walk.
  • AOR can be easily printed in whole or in part (the QuikLinks are invisible and won't show up).
  • This feature-packed, apostasy-revealing, comprehensive, all-in-one Bible education is free.
Free King James Bible.
  • "Free" means no advertising, strings, or gimmicks. My interest is the welfare of the church...not mammon.
You're back in the Introduction because the left-pointing blue sphere remembers the stepping-stones that get
you back where you came from. The blue color signifies that it knows how to get you back to your previous spots.
But compare the
right-pointing arrow in the two screenshots above. It's not blue in the upper picture. That's
because the right-pointing sphere's job is to take you
forward whenever you've used the left-pointing sphere to go
backward. Only after you returned to the Introduction by clicking the left-pointing sphere did the right-pointing sphere
begin storing info...which made it turn blue (as shown by the blue arrow above). Now that the right-pointing sphere is
blue it is letting you know it can return you to your spot at John 8:44. Therefore, alternately clicking the two blue
spheres allows you to go back and forth when you want to quickly and easily compare two different places.
Having clicked the QuikLink to John 8:44, you find yourself not merely at the appropriate page in the Bible,
but the page is positioned so you can quickly get your bearings (in this case that means you can see
the "JOH 08" chapter heading), locate & read verse 44, and read more to get some context.
Now that you've finished with the verse, you want to get back to your reading in AOR.
The blue arrow points to a left-pointing arrow in a blue sphere. Clicking that blue sphere
will take you back to the Introduction with the page positioned exactly as it was when
you clicked the QuikLink...and you pick up where you left off.
Using QuikLinks: We have gone to
the Introduction by clicking its bookmark. When you want to look up a Scripture reference in the Bible, move your
cursor over the verse (such as Jn 8:44 above). Your cursor will change into a pointer, which signifies it's over a
clickable link. Click it. You will instantly go to that verse in the illustrated below.
QuikLink is that easy.
The Bookmarks panel has, under AOR's cover bookmark, several bookmarks you might not use very
often. When you click it to expand and show its contents, you'll notice the
QuikLink & ChapterVu
bookmark (red arrow). It contains full instructions on the use of those two important features.
Above: You've clicked on your AOR Bible study. It has opened to the cover. On the cover you see a
yellow sticky note icon that you added (one of many features included in Adobe's new free
PDF Reader).
When you hover your mouse pointer over the icon a window appears that allows you to read
notes you might want to remember when you first open AOR...such as
the page you were last reading, study-group assignments, etc.
In this last example we'll do a concordance-like search. You've decided to look up all the times Phinehas is
mentioned because you want to find a specific verse in the Bible (or a passage in AOR)...but you can't remember
where it is.  Step 1: Click on the binoculars (green arrow) to bring up the free Adobe reader's Advanced Search
window. Step 2: Type in "phinehas" and hit Enter. You can see it says Phinehas is mentioned 32 times. Each of
the results helpfully includes a portion of the text that accompanies Phinehas. Browse through the results until you
find the one you're looking for, and click on it (you may click as many of them as you want). The page with the
result will highlight the word or phrase you searched for.
ChapterVu, which brought you to Hebrews 10, works well from anywhere in AOR or the Bible.  (Notice the AOR
bookmarks have been collapsed, and the Bible bookmarks have been opened to show only the New Testament.)
Note: ChapterVu relies on your computer's indexing and search capability, and it works well. But each time you add highlights
and sticky notes all your computer knows is your document has changed...and therefore must be indexed again (it doesn't
take long). So be aware that newly-added highlights/notes will temporarily reduce ChapterVu's speed (QuikLinks are not
affected). For this reason, some people use third-party note-taking software rather than Adobe's internal notes.
Now we'll see how ChapterVu works. Here you are in the book of John, and you've decided to take a detour
and look up something in Hebrews 10. There is no QuikLink to get you there. Yes, you could click the Hebrews
bookmark, but then you'd have to scroll to get to chapter 10. That's when ChapterVu comes in handy. At the top
of your free Adobe
PDF reader is a FIND window (at top right, which was brought up by clicking the
magnifying glass icon). Simply type in "heb 10" (as above) and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Presto! You're there, and the chapter heading is automatically highlighted for you (see below).
We all have the same tendencies when engaged in Bible study: When we disagree with something
we tend to not look up the Scripture reference (even when we have a Bible sitting in our laps) because
we already think it's wrong; and when we read something we agree with we also tend to not look it up
because we already think it's correct. That means we all have a tendency to be lousy students of Bible
doctrine because we're lazy and we think we already know the truth – which is how tradition makes the
word of God of none effect.

More people download
The AOR than get hard copies. That means most people are reading AOR on
their computers. Therefore, add to the above tendencies the inconvenience of doing a Bible study on a
computer. Having to look up lots of Scripture may cause some of our brethren to shrink from the
tedium of constantly scrolling through a computer Bible (and even from having to constantly flip back
and forth in a physical Bible).

Those tendencies make my ministry tougher, because as I begin to expose the apostasy that afflicts
the modern church I am going to offend you, which may cause you to think it's not worth the effort to
look up the Scripture...and, thinking this Bible study is itself but another example of modern ignorance-
based apostasy, delete it.

It is imperative that you look up the Scripture references to see if what you
think agrees with what God
says. Therefore I hope the convenience features in this exclusive Bible study will, by making it quicker
and easier to look up Scripture, prove beneficial and help you see that modern Christianity has indeed
gone astray.

May God bless you for your interest in His word, and may He reward your faithful studies and obedient
submission to His word with the kind of growth that results from
knowledge of the word, understanding
the meaning and consistency of the word, and the wisdom to rightly apply the word to everything in life.
  • Add your own sticky notes and text highlighting to any pages in the book.
The Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?
Amos 3:8
When you first use Adobe's free PDF reader it may not have some of the handier icons to features
you want up on the toolbar. Not a problem: Use the View menu as shown above to put the icons you
want on the toolbar.