Shipmates stand together!


If you want to help:


Pray, grow, and serve so you wonít be a weak link, an Achan at Ai: This is the most important thing we can do for the church, even though it just gets lip service today. Ask the Lord to help you grow, to help you be a doer of His word, and ask Him to help this ministry edify His people. As the Apostle Paul says in Colossians chapter 4:


Colossians 4: Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of ChristÖ

That I may make it manifest, as I ought to speak.


In other words, we should love God enough to actually care about the very church He died for:


1 John 3:14,16: We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives (!) for the brethren.


Galatians 6:2: Bear ye one anotherís burdens,

and so fulfil the law of Christ.


Stay in the word!



Salvo Song

(A Navy fight song)


Shipmates stand together,

donít give up the ship!


Through fair or stormy weather,

we wonít give up, we wonít give up the ship!


Friends and pals forever,

itís a long, long trip.


If you have to take a lickiní,

carry on and quit your kickiní:


Donít give up the ship!



Stay in the word!

The Vault is closed.
I appreciate your interest in this ministry,
comrades, but instead of sending me
money, an email would be a blessing.
Whatever you do,
keep studying and keep doing.