Step 1: Click the red button below.
It will take you to Microsoft's free web page translator,
which will open in a new window (illustrated below).

The red Translate button will automatically load the
Online Bible Study Topics (contents) page into the Translator
because I think it'll be the most convenient navigational starting point:
It lists chapters, brief descriptions, and is only a single click to
most of the important pages on this site.

Note: Once the first page is translated,
all pages to which you navigate
will also be translated
...until you return to English.
Step 2: When the Translator page opens:
First, select the
language you want.
Second, click the
arrow in the box to translate the page
(as illustrated below.)
Step 3: Navigate normally throughout the web site. All pages will be in the language you selected.
Note: Sometimes these translators are imperfect. Some punctuation and some words (such as idioms) are difficult to translate.
Promoting Bible study over theology
because of the truth, the authority,
and the necessity of the Bible.